Goddess DeVille

Sit, Stay, Send.



My name is Lucky DeVille…

…but you may refer to Me as Miss, Mistress or Goddess. Don’t forget your capitalization if you want to approach Me in the correct, respectful way.

I’m a striking, buzzed beauty of British descent. I’m currently residing in the incredible city of Sydney, Australia.

I’m an elegant 5’6 with legs up to my armpits. I have a classic physique, with a small waist, delicate features and curves in all the right places. I have polished and well kept size 6UK feet, just waiting to be worshiped.

I have a strong will and have behaved in a dominant way My whole life. I found My calling in Financial Domination. My demeanour, attitude towards submissive men and passion for money create the perfect balance for reaping the benefits of your hard work with ease.


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